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Java cloud service in short form known as JCS. JCS is used for the purpose of development, testing, production, testing of user acceptance and staging. Oracle Java Cloud Service is a part of platform service that offers you in Oracle Cloud. Being powered by Oracle Weblogic Server, it gives a platform on the top of Oracle's enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure for the aim to develop and deploy new or existing EE Applications of Java.


Oracle offers Java cloud service for different levels of cloud like - IaaS PaaS SaaS Case of special combination.


The basic idea behind the use of cloud service is about the deployment process which will join the deployment artifacts given by the user with the range of selected Docker images and to create a new Docker image. This new Docker image will be run in the cloud.


Java Cloud Service is a PaaS offering from Oracle. JCS is a subscription-based work, self-service, trustworthy, can be measured and moreover it is elastic enterprise - grade platform of cloud ensures business to secretly develop and deploy applications.


STANDARDS BASED - Java Cloud Service is built on standards so that Java EE applications can be easily created, managed and deploy.


ENTERPRISE GRADE - Enterprise provides security, high chances of availability, and for the purpose of business - critical applications.


DevOps Ready - DevOps is built in such environment to simplify development and the deployment of EE applications.


Java Cloud Service - SaaS Extension SaaS Extension of Java Cloud Service is suitable for increasing your Oracle SaaS applications. It also creates standalone mashup applications using data feeds from other external sources or services of SaaS. SaaS extension decreases the complexity linked with deploying and maintaining enterprise of Java applications. It secures and manage the applications without taking any kind of tension about the underlying infrastructure.


BENEFITS OF Oracle's JAVA CLOUD SERVICE - There will be rapid, self - service provisioning of Oracle Weblogic server in the cloud. It enterprises security, high chances of availiability and performances for the purpose of business critical applications. There will be standards-based platform for easy deployment of Java application or in the fusion of SaaS extension. There will be proper choice of service level, and of Oracle WebLogic version.


Oracle's public cloud is a platform-as-a-service ( known as PaaS in short form ) offering giving specific information about application platform services which also includes an Oracle 11g database and also a weblogic server 11g instance. Through IDE you can know how to create a database scheme and how to develop data in the cloud. It also explains about the phenomena of how to deploy and of running ADF applications through the medium of database used.


According to your needs you can choose any of Oracle Java Cloud Service levels - Oracle Java Cloud Service - it supports creating of instances and monitoring. Oracle Java Cloud Service Fusion Middleware - oracle webcenter portal.

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